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When my daughter Laura was 13 and in the 8th grade she had an epileptic seizure on the playground at her school. Sadly, she fell on her face and broke her front tooth. The very next day she visited Dr. Krutsick for a bonding. He did a PERFECT job. Her tooth looks completely natural in size, shape and color. So much so that one cannot tell which of the two front teeth  has been repaired. She even forgets which tooth had been broken. Laura is 30 now and that tooth looks as perfect as the day it was repaired. 

Need a great dentist---DR. KRUTSICK, hands down!


Mary Anne C., Palmer, PA
     My long history with this practice stems back at least 15 years when I chased down a football and ran headfirst into an air conditioning unit.  As you can imagine, it was not a pretty sight, but Dr. Krutsick took me in at 5:30 on a Friday evening and took great care of me.  He was the perfect guy for the job and replaced a missing piece of my right front tooth with a ""temporary" fix.  To this day we joke about how temporary the fix is...because it's still in there!  You can't even tell part of my tooth is fake (even 15+ years later).
     I've been going to Dr. Krutsick ever since my accident and have nothing but praise and admiration for the practice and the people who work there.  They are professional, friendly, and provide an outstanding level of service that doesn't make you cringe every time you need to go in for a visit.  They make you feel like family and you can count on them to do great work.
     Now that I'm 24 and no longer a PA resident, I'm hard pressed to find a better place and better people who I trust with taking care of my pearly whites.  For this reason, I'm still a patient (albeit on an annual basis) and make my way into the office during the holidays.
     If you're looking for a great family-oriented dentist, look no further; this is the place.
~ Robert D.K.
Robert K., Bethlehem, PA
July, 2015  
     For many years my mother was plaged with the day to day hassles of an upper partial denture consisting of 5 teeth.  In 1993 she had a consult with Dr. Krutsick, who told her she was a candidate to have a full-arch cemented upper bridge.  When her bridge (one piece, molar to molar) was put in February of 1994, she had a  beautiful smile!
     My mother is almost 88 years old and has enjoyed many years of easy care and good dental check-ups.  Her smile (with that same bridge!) has remained just as beautiful through the years.
 ~ Val
Val M., Phillipsburg, NJ

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